Adam Hannan
Certified Master Inspector and Inspection Instructor

The Inspection Professionals (TIP) is a certified multi-inspector award-winning company. Since 2005, they have worked with thousands to provide inspections and air-quality testing of residential, commercial, and new home Tarion properties. We’ve collaborated with Adam Hannan from TIP, to get some basic information on how he helps ensure sellers are fully transparent and buyers understand any concerns there may be in the home and what they can expect is needed to correct it.

Q: What are the benefits or drawbacks of completing your own home inspection vs. going with the one provided? When would it be safe to use the one provided by a seller?

A: I’m a big fan of listing inspections. It shows that the selling agent and seller have taken the initiative to sell with full transparency highlighting the current conditions of the home.  Sellers reports can be especially helpful to buyers entering a potential bidding war. Seller’s inspections, when performed by a competent, experienced inspector that is a member of a recognized inspection association can provide buyers with the confidence to make a better-informed offer. With the countless types of reports on the market, it is often difficult to determine if the report is complete and credible.  This is where I believe the buyer’s realtor, often having reviewed hundreds of reports, can offer their professional opinion on whether the report contains enough information to base their decision. When in doubt, I would recommend that the buyer contact the inspector that wrote the report to gain insight into their credibility and experience and review any major items noted in the report. Many companies, including ours, offer the buyer an opportunity to have a phone or onsite review performed. 

(All buyers regardless of whether a seller’s report is offered or not, should be encouraged to have their own inspection performed.)

Q: What home inspection findings do you feel are most overlooked or not taken seriously enough?

A: If you have an opportunity to have an inspection performed, whether it be through a conditional offer or a pre-offer, it is imperative that the inspector review and explain what issues are major vs minor. Often, buyers look at a home inspection as way to determine potential repair costs. But the most overlooked aspect of a home inspection is the value it provides in determining potential safety and health hazards which can be numerous. From fire and shock hazards to health issues pertaining to asbestos, mold, carbon monoxide, these findings, in my opinion are more important than repair costs. 

Q: What is the cost of a home inspection?

A: The cost of a home inspection usually varies according to age, size, number of dwellings, and location. The average cost in the GTA ranges from $500 to $800.

Q: Should you get a home inspection done for a condo?

A: Though not as common, we do perform inspections for condo units. There is typically much less to inspect than a house but there can still be value in inspecting a condo unit for defects in the unit not covered in the condo agreement.  A condo unit inspection typically involves inspecting the systems in the unit. We typically review electrical, plumbing, interior components such as walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors and test HVAC operation. It can also serve as a good education for new owners of condo units.  

(The cost for a condo unit usually ranges from $300 – $500)


quote highlight

“With the countless types of reports on the market, it is often difficult to determine if the report is complete and credible.”

The most important aspect of a home inspection is that it is credible, not clean. A huge red flag for us is when we see a home inspection with NO issues on it. No home is that perfect unless maybe it is brand new…

There are many home inspection companies out there that will throw together a report – but what are they truly reporting on? If the company a seller is using isn’t credible, or they provide a near perfect report on anything but a new build, our trust goes out the window. 

Credibility and actually doing their job to bring light to possible issues, is key.

Thinking of purchasing or selling a home and considering a home inspection? Contact Adam to see how he can assist!

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