5 benefits of being a commuter

Commuting gets a bad rap—and we totally understand why. The idea of driving over an hour there and back in bumper-to-bumper traffic is exhausting to just think about, let alone live. But honestly, when the move to remote work first began in 2020, we heard from multiple people about how much they missed their commute.

Though we’re sure every commuter has their own reasons, here are a few benefits we see in commuting to the GTA for work:

1. You can find a home that suits your needs, often without compromise.

Finding a home in Toronto that ticks every single box and stays within your budget can be a challenge (same goes for any other major city). Expanding your search out into areas like Waterdown, Pickering, Kitchener, etc, gives you so many more options. We’re experts in the GTA but also have extensive experience in surrounding cities and towns. Let us know how far you’re willing to go, and we’ll come back with options that fit your needs perfectly.

2. You get some much needed alone time.

This is the point we hear about the most. Whether you use the time to catch up on that podcast you’re into, listen to a new album, or just enjoy some peace and quiet on the road, you have guaranteed space to exist in your own world for a little while every day.

5 benefits of being a commuter
3. You and your loved ones have to get into a routine.

If you need to leave at the same time every day to beat traffic or catch the Go Train, it helps to get you into a routine. There’s a reason all those high-powered CEOs have famous morning routines that Forbes loves publishing about—it helps set them up for a productive day. Plus, your family members may start following this routine too.

4. You can learn while you ride.

Between work, the gym, walking the dog, making lunches, keeping the house clean, and every other daily task you have on your list, sneaking in time to read can be impossible. Taking the train allows you to dig into your next great read and a long drive means that much more time for an audio book.

5. Boredom can lead to brilliant ideas.

If the rest of these benefits aren’t calling to you and you’re still afraid of the monotony that can come with a commute, remember that being bored often leads you to do your best thinking. Research suggests that having time to think gives you space to come to new conclusions and gain clarity on how to resolve issues you’re facing at work and in every other area of your life.

From finding the perfect home to figuring out commuter times, we’re always just a phone call away. Get in touch if you need a hand deciding where to make your next big (or small) move and we’ll be more than happy to help get you started.

Indre Valadka Paz and Lara Stasiw, Sales Representatives

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