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Kate and Amanda have been long time friends. Over time, their passion organically grew in to a business that commanded their attention. The result is a thriving partnership offering their clients the best of two designers collaborating on one great space. 

Kate and Amanda believe in the relaxed home that is both family friendly and stylish. Their aesthetic, light and fresh and never too formal. After all homes are meant for living in and making memories. A well designed space should be the foundation of a happy home.

Q: What are the top benefits of hiring an interior designer that you would say to a skeptic?

A: Hiring a designer means you’re guaranteed to have a home that is functional, beautiful and was procured with minimal stress. People often underestimate how overwhelming the design process can be and the benefits of having someone guide you is significant.

Also the design discounts often compensate for the cost of hiring a designer and the decisions being made are always a balance of money, deadlines and aesthetic… it’s trickier than you think.

Q: What are your go to wall colours?

A: Benjamin Moore Oxford White
Benjamin Moore Simply White
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Q: If a client is on a budget, where do you suggest they focus their funds for maximum impact?

A: If you are doing a reno, put your money in windows and kitchen. If you are decorating, put your money in trim, sofas and art.

Q: How would someone start the process of hiring an interior designer?

A: Ask for referrals. Search Instagram for a feed that speaks to you. Meet with the designers to see if your personalities fit. This is as important as aesthetics. Ask also about their process – there are so many different ways to go about design. Payment schedule, revisions, types of design boards, on site visits etc.


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“the design discounts often compensate for the cost of hiring a designer”

This line stood out to us the most! We find many of our clients’ first question is around the cost to hire a professional to design their home, which is very subjective depending on the scope of work.

Many don’t realize that not only is it worth the peace of mind and headache, especially during large scale renovations, but hiring a design studio also financially compensates when designer discounts are applied!

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