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Meks is a custom furniture and design company based out of Hamilton, Ontario. They are a family owned and operated company that focuses on creating handmade, high-quality pieces that reflect timeless beauty. The passion and curiosity they have for all forms of design is the essence of their creations.

Q:  Where do most people draw inspiration for custom furniture pieces?

A: Most of our clients draw inspiration from photos they find on Pinterest, Instagram or Google. We find that our clients come to us because they cannot find exactly what they want from the traditional furniture stores and are looking for a unique, high-quality piece to make a statement in their home. This is where we step in! We provide personalized design boards, sketches and/or 3D drawings to help our clients envision what their custom furniture piece could look like.

Q:  How do your clients generally go about selecting the wood they want?

A: Based on the inspiration photos the client provides, we would create a personalized design board with our recommendations on the types of wood and material that would best suit the aesthetic they want to achieve. Depending on the project, we also offer in-person consultations where we bring some wood samples for the client to get a sense of the look and feel of the wood. We also provide the option to ship wood samples if an in-person consultation is not possible.

Q: What’s your favourite type of wood to work with?

A: We love working with walnut and white oak. We love walnut for it’s depth of colour, aroma and how beautifully it can be sculpted and shaped when we create our more sculptural, organic, free-flowing pieces. In contrast, we also love white oak because it is harder, denser and has a straighter grain, which we use for our more linear, geometric pieces. On top of that, both woods are locally sourced from right here in Ontario.

Q: What is the step by step process and timeline(turnaround) for custom pieces?

A: We breakdown our custom design process into 4 phases – Request, Design, Build, Deliver. Since each piece is unique, the entire process from beginning to end could take up to 4 to 8 weeks depending on the design phase and complexity of the build.

  1. Request –  starts with a custom request form where you provide us with as much details as possible around your custom piece, such as rough dimensions and inspiration photos. We will provide you with a rough quote, and then move to the design phase if you decide to move forward with us.
  2. Design – we work on finalizing the design details, which could include an in-person consultation where we take detailed measurements and firm up final design details together. We also provide a personalized design board and 3D drawings. At this point, we would finalize the quote and request a 50% deposit to secure materials and schedule the build.
  3. Build – Michael gets to work to bring your vision to life!
  4. Deliver – we let you know when your piece is ready for it’s new home. Delivery costs will be included in the initial estimate.

Q: How would someone start the process of creating their perfect piece of furniture?

A: You can start creating your custom piece by filling out our custom request form. If you don’t have a clear idea just yet but have general questions about the custom furniture design process, you can always send us an email, DM or give us a quick call to find out more.

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“We find that our clients come to us because they cannot find exactly what they want from the traditional furniture stores and are looking for a unique, high-quality piece to make a statement in their home.”

So many of us endlessly scroll instagram, Pinterest and online brochures for decor inspiration. Then when it comes to shopping, can’t find the same look, the right sized piece or it’s just built like crap!

Custom furniture that is high quality AND unique takes on an entirely different form of beauty. We love meks!

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Get started with meks’ custom inquiry form, check out the home decor pieces they sell on their website, or reach out to chat about the possibilities of a future project!


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