Seasonal Decorating

If you’re preparing your place for sale, curated staging is essential to ensure potential buyers are seeing every room at its highest potential. As many of our readers know, keeping things simple is key, since clients need to be able to envision their life in the space.

When it comes to seasonal décor, we follow the standard rule of less is more. Having fall-coloured cushions in September or twinkling string lights in December can enhance a space if positioned with tact, but seasonal elements can also look super cheesy if they’re just tossed around. Besides the less is more rule, here are a few others to keep in mind while you decorate.

1. Avoid overly specific pieces.

A few traditional items can really warm up a space and resonate with others who share similar heritage. We recommend keeping them to a minimum though if possible, so people with a variety of traditions can picture themselves in your home.

2. Limit accent colours

Orange and black are staple October colours, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily go with the rest of the décor elements you have throughout your space. We recommend sticking with seasonal colours that complement the colours you’re already using. Instead of orange and black in October, browns and beiges tend to work better in most instances. In December, gold and silver normally pair better with surrounding décor than red and green.

3. Keep seasonal plants life small-scale

Even though a tall Christmas tree can show off high ceilings, it may be too wide at the base, making the space look smaller. Valentine’s Day bouquets and fall harvest vegetation should also be on the smaller side, to keep things looking tasteful.

With many years of interior design and reno experience between the two of us, we’re always thrilled to chat all things décor. Get in touch for more tips and tricks.

Indre Valadka Paz and Lara Stasiw, Sales Representatives

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