5 Spooktacular Halloween Table Ideas

We have officially entered spooky season, which means costume and, of course, party planning! Nothing says frightful and festive like a well-decorated, on-theme table. From a treat stand to a dining set-up and everything in between, here are 5 simple DIY ideas you can whip up for a totally terrifying Halloween table.

1. Focus on “finger” foods

Put the horror in hors d’oeuvres with nibbles and bits that look a little creepy. A cult classic is shortbread cookies that resemble witch fingers. Add a little green food colouring to your dough, then shape each cookie into fingers before baking. Use almond slices as fingernails and smother the bottoms in strawberry jam after they come out of the oven. These are dangerously delicious and so much fun to make!

2. Craft the perfect centrepiece

If your dinner party needs a wow-moment, spend some time creating the centerpiece of your nightmares. Start with a transparent glass vase. Next, drop in some red fairy lights and pile in all manner of dead branches and dried plants. Tie it all together with a touch of faux cobwebs and plastic spiders and you’ve got yourself a Halloween centrepiece to die for.

3. Light it Up

Create a dark and moody ambience by shutting off the lights and loading up on candles. Carve creepy faces into different sized pumpkins and let the jack-o’-lanterns glow all around your space. Vintage brass or black candle sticks scream Halloween, as does anything that glows red or green—but don’t combine the two or you’ll end up with a holly jolly holiday vibe.

4. Practice some Magic

Hanging items from the ceiling with clear fishing line makes them look like they’re floating on their own. Try this with plastic, battery-operated candles or a witch’s hat suspended above the dinner table. 

5. Introduce a new fiend…ehem…friend

Give a life-sized skeleton a place at your dinner table. Name it something fun like Dead Fred or Bones Jones and dress it up however you like. Go for cobwebs and blood if you want to be spooky or something unexpected like a bikini if you’re looking for a laugh.

Looking for something a little more permanent than Halloween decorations? We’d be happy to discuss the big (or small) ideas you have for your home and help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch today!

Indre Valadka Paz and Lara Stasiw, Sales Representatives

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