5 Tips for Sustainable Holiday Gift Wrapping

Our favourite part of the holidays (besides decorating) is gifting special memories and moments to the ones we love the most. The feeling of watching a loved one unwrap a gift they adore is unmatchable. Sadly, from product packaging to wrapping paper, gifting often comes along with a lot of waste. But don’t fret! There are plenty of options if you want the impact that comes along with unwrapping a gift, without the environmental impact of conventional wrapping paper. Here are our top 5 tips for more sustainable gifting.

1. Fabric for the Win

Inspired by the intricate fabric pieces utilized in the Japanese wrapping tradition of furoshiki, try using a new tea towel or linen scarf in place of wrapping paper—the perfect way to wrap a gift with aesthetic and convenient reusable materials. If you’re looking for authentic furoshiki, Toronto’s Refillery Market sells them, made by Toronto-based company Wrappr.

2. Newsworthy Wrapping

Old newspaper is a great option if you’d like to help save the planet and your pennies (remember those?). If you’re into DIY crafting, try dabbing damp tea bags on the newspaper and leave it to dry before wrapping—it’ll give your gift a vintage feeling. 

3. Glassy and Classy

Depending on the type of gift you’re giving, glass mason jars are an excellent way to wrap up some holiday cheer. The standard gift choices would be jams, drinks, or chocolates. However, we love how a large mason jar looks when it’s stuffed with a rolled t-shirt, socks, scarves, or any other packable clothing item! 

4. Tote-ally Cute

Tote bags come in all sizes and almost every store carries them—a simple alternative to usual gift bags. Any custom t-shirt printing company will also be able to print on tote bags so you can design one to suit everyone you’re shopping for.

5. Recyclable Wrap

Sometimes wrapping paper is the most suitable option for the item you’re gifting, and that’s okay! Keep in mind that traditional wrapping paper isn’t recyclable because of its coating. A simple swap for kraft paper will do the trick—it’s recyclable and chic.

Want some more decor tips for the holidays? Let us be your resource! We love seeing our clients’ homes glow during the festive season and beyond. Get in touch today to talk Toronto real estate or anything else.

Indre Valadka Paz and Lara Stasiw, Sales Representatives

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