Work It from Home: 9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office

We’ve been hearing from loads of our clients that their employers have completely done away with their offices. Since remote work has now become a permanent fixture in many peoples’ lives, it may be time to take a look at your at-home office space and decide whether it’s working for you. Depending on how you answer the following questions, you might want to consider revisiting your workspace:

✓ Am I productive in the space?

Focusing on the task at hand can be tricky while at home, but if you find your mind wandering often and feel distracted regularly, it may be time to move your set-up to a different location in your home.

✓ Could the space be used more efficiently?

If you’re surrounded by stacks of paper and feel cramped, there may be more efficient ways to use the area and get you back some breathing room.

✓ Does my workspace take up too much of my living?

An essential piece of the working-from-home puzzle is ensuring your living space remains your living space. Sometimes, our work encroaches upon the space that should be kept solely for non-work activities.

✓ Does my space look appropriate for professional business calls?

If there’s lots of clutter sitting around, drab colours, and dust or dirt in the frame, you probably don’t look as professional as you could for those pesky Zoom calls.

Less than satisfied with any of your answers to these questions? Take a peek at our top 9 tips for reimagining your WFH space.

1. Tuck your desk into a closet

If you live in a studio apartment or one-bedroom without a den, tucking your desk into a closet gets it out of the way when you’re not using it so that your little home still feels like home on off-hours.

2. Use greenery to spruce up your space

Plants can add beauty and professionalism to every home office. Pick up a few, real or fake, and pop them in your Zoom background for a more pulled-together look in your meetings.

3. Try your best to take advantage of natural light

We know not everyone can swing this, but natural light shining into your room behind your laptop camera will make you and your space look lovely during video calls. Plus, natural light is proven to keep us alert, awake, and stimulated, helping to ease the dreariness of working inside on a sunny day.

4. Bring your work to the balcony

One benefit to WFH is being able to work outside if the weather and your balcony or patio set up allow for it. Invest in a cheap table and chair set to soak in some rays on hot summer days.

5. Try a pull-down desk for a small space

Studio apartment space can be super limited. Installing a pull-down desk to a bare wall will help you maintain your off-hours vibes when work is done. Finish off the pull-down desk with a fold-up chair and you have yourself the ultimate in space-saving office furniture.

6. Create a co-working space at home

If you have an office space but share your home with a partner or roommate, it could be fun to create a space in which you’re both able to work in tandem. Start with an extra-long desk, slip in two small- to medium-sized chairs, and be sure to grab some extension cords and power bars so you both have enough sockets for your set ups.

7. Create your own chalkboard

Snatch up some chalkboard paint and use one of your home office walls as a brainstorming board. Develop to-do lists and jot down notes in a fun way that is sure to keep everything top of mind.

8. Build a backyard office haven

This one is for the do-it-yourselfer with some extra backyard area. Consider building out a roomy shed space where you can set up a desk and all the office equipment you need. It may take a couple months, but it’s a fun weekend project to keep you busy and out in the sun this summer.

9. Find a new place to get work done

Some of us just can’t get into the flow on certain days at home. That’s when one of the GTA’s thousands of cafés comes in handy. Don’t forget, you can also use the public library at any time, plus there are plenty of university and college campuses that allow members of the public to access their study spaces. Another option is to look into a monthly membership for a co-working space. WorkCo is a cute and comfortable loft style option in the West End and Workhaus has 8 different locations throughout the city.

We love helping our clients with all things home renos and décor. Get in touch if you need inspiration!

Indre Valadka Paz and Lara Stasiw, Sales Representatives

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